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Elizabeth Doyle

Hello wonderful beings! I am a yoga instructor nestled between the neighborhoods of Crown Heights and Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, NY.

I was raised in small towns across rural Tennessee and was first exposed to yoga when I was in college in Jackson, Mississippi. Over the past decade, I've come to believe in the transformative power of the ancient South Asian tradition of yoga that enables us to lead lives that create joy, meaning, and peace for ourselves, our communities, and our world. 

My teaching incorporates anti-racism and anti-white supremacy culture, collective liberation, and body neutrality in addition to foundational asana (movement) and pranayama (breathing) exercises. 

I'm excited and honored to get to know you and share in your yoga practice!


Spiritual Lineage Acknowledgment

"Spiritual lineage acknowledgement is honoring the yoga practice and its origins. It has been part of the yogic tradition at least since the 8th century.


Each of us comes from somewhere. People, places, lands, knowledge and wisdom traditions make up the land we walk upon and the traditions we practice. We all have teachers.


In The Shankaracharya tradition we have an example of spiritual lineage acknowledgement that is not specific to any one school or style of yoga but evokes the universal nature of yoga as a liberation practice for all beings."

- Susanna Barkataki

With deep gratitude to all of my teachers.

Yoga Lineage

Susanna Barkataki, Shankaracharya

Rev. Naomi King, Shankaracharya and Kripalu

Thich Nhat Hanh and Plum Village, Engaged Buddhism

Vijeth Kumar, Hatha and Bhakti household traditions

Punnu Singh Wasu, Bhakti Meditation

Christine Anderson, Hatha and Vinyasa

Andrea Jensen, Vinyasa

Greg Burdulis, Vipassana Meditation (Theravada Buddhism)

Dr. Emilia Bachrach, Religions of South Asia and Bhakti

Dr. Lola Williamson, Hatha and Theravada, Himalayan traditions

Dr. John Thatamanil, Advaita Vedanta, Christian-Hindu Dialogue

Liberation and Social Justice Lineages

My family, from Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama, who have modeled anti-racist, radical, love-based lives:

  • Clare Golson Doyle, M.Div.

  • Rev. Dr. Lloyd Allen Doyle, III

  • Betty Barksdale Doyle

  • Rev. Dr. Lloyd Allen Doyle, Jr. 

  • Carol Clotfelter Golson

  • Rev. Henry Jackson Golson, M. Div.

Rev. Dr. James Cone, Black liberation theology

Rev. Dr. Emilie Townes, Womanism

Dr. Gustavo Gutierrez, Latin American liberation theology

Vine Deloria, Jr., Indigenous traditions

Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York

Millsaps College Religious Studies Department

  • Dr. Steven Smith, philosophy and theology

  • Dr. James Bowley, religious theory

  • Dr. Shelli Poe, systematic and constructive theologies

  • Dr. Bennie Reynolds, Ancient Near Eastern texts


Yoga Alliance RYT® 

Formal Education 

Community Work

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